Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool 7

Tool 7- Going Global

This goes hand in hand with my tool 6 post and how I plan on using the edmodo community to create and collaborate with a school in the NE part of the US.

I also used skype during summer school for my 4th grade class to meet and discuss hurricanes with a local meteorologist. Taking away from this experience, I could use skype for the students to talk with experts during a particular project. Since it is an election year, maybe we could find a local candidate who would be willing to skype with my class and explain some of the behind the scenes political process of campaigning. I could also try contacting the City of Houston to see if Mayor Parker would be interested in participating in a skype with our 8th graders.

Project Overview:

SWBAT: explain the function of Congress

Timeline: January

Tools: Skype

Students can skype with a Congress member, such as Representative Shelia Jackson Lee to learn about the role of Congress.

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