Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool 6

Tool 6- Web Tools

Edmodo & Skype:
This past school year I worked with our iCoach and our librarian to create a global collaboration with a sister school in England. The purpose of the project was for our students to compare/contrast the American Revolution with a school in England. To begin the project I skyped with the teacher in England. He and I set up the project together as we collaborated on the project requirements as well and the project objective. After using skype, we both set up edmodo accounts for our students to hold discussions or ask one another questions. My students were a part of 2 edmodo groups, one for their individual project group in which they could collaborate together to create their projects, and a second edmodo group which was their class and the students from England. Overall the project was successful however, most of the students in England did not study the American Revolution in much detail.

For next school year if time allows (this was an extremely time consuming project), I would like to do a similar project however, I would like to find a sister school in the NE, preferably Boston or Philadelphia. The goal of this project would be to compare/contract the Northerners take on the Civil War versus the Southerners. In addition, I would like a school in a city of historical significance with regards to the revolution so that the sister students may share pictures and real-life experiences from the historical sites in their hometown.

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