Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool 4

Tool 4- Clouds
I created a first day overview document in Google Docs and shared it with my teammate. I am familiar with Google Docs as we routinely utilize it for monitoring students on the ICU list. We have a campus-wide grade level document shared and I can see which of my students owe work and for which classes. I can also modify this document by adding the missing assignments to my students.  I see my teammate and I potentially using the calendar feature as we plan our road map during the upcoming weeks. This is a great resource for teachers to use. I think it is an easy and effective way to share lesson plans and ideas with others in your department. The greatest use of Google Docs is the ability to edit and share out to others. I can also see students using Google Docs with one another when conducing research as a group or working on a cross-curricular project. I also think the students can use Google Sites to create a webpage to feature a project, this may be a good idea to do at the end of the year to showcase our various web 2.0 projects.

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