Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool 3

Tool 3- Finding On-Line Videos

YouTube is a great resource that we really should have student access to in the district. I realize that there are many inappropriate videos on the website; however there is a multitude of valuable resources that are blocked. I am glad that we have Zamzar to convert the YouTube files into working files that we can show in the classroom, making YouTube a bit more accessible.

Copyright is present in my lessons since my wife is the school librarian ans she is always stressing the importance of using copyright friendly resources. As a librarian she usually discusses the importance of copyright compliance in the classroom and she shows the students a variety of resources such as Flickr Creative Commons, CC Search, RoyalityFree Music.

I added the dropbox ap to my iPad. I think this is an easy way for teachers and students to share files and various resources.In the past, I would upload all the files to the Sweden folder on the server and the students would access them there, this is much easier.

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