Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool 2

Tool 2- Building PLN

I think it is easy not to create a dialogue when creating a blog. It is easy to provide commentary only versus a stimulating dialogue between writer and reader. I see how this is possible, especially if one is using the blog to convey information such as: test dates, homework reviews, and general information. In order to create a dialogue one has provide discussion in their blog such as providing discussion questions.

Creating comments also is something we need to teach in digital citizenship for our students. They need to understand that comments need to be productive, on topic, and relevant to the blog discussion. This is a good lesson to provide to our students.

I find myself reading more blogs versus interacting through commenting. I see how commenting can create more of a dialogue so I will do my best to start interacting more within the blogging community.

Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking sites are extremely useful in the school setting. Students can use a website like Delicious to save/bookmark various websites that they are using to conduct research. What I like best about Delicious is that the students can access their bookmarks from any computer without worrying about saving to the SAN folder.

I also like how you can share your bookmarks with other people. This will help allow teachers to share resources with others in their department. Librarians can also share links through a Delicious account versus emailing a series of links to the teachers (although they would need to make sure that the teachers are familiar with delicious).

I plan on revisiting the History Teacher's Attic blog featured on the 11 Tools website. I like the civil war game featured on the website as well as the various links featured such as the virtual field trips. I also found the post on baby names interesting as it was posted around the time my second daughter was born. It was interesting to see the historical trends in baby names throughout history.

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